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News, information and resources about Accuro Home Care and the Home Care industry. 

As of the 1st of February this year NDIS has made some changes to the price guide structure used by NDIS providers.

As per a recommendation from the Independent Pricing Review, a Very High Intensity pricing tier has been introduced for people with complex needs. This allows providers to charge a higher rate for supports that require staff with more skill and experience.

Dementia is not one specific disease, but a collection of symptoms caused by disorders that affect the brain. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Memory loss
  • Confusion
  • A change in personality
  • Withdrawal and apathy
  • The loss of ability to perform normal everyday tasks

Caring for someone with Dementia can be a challenging task for many reasons.

Direct Support Worker Transport

The role of a Direct Support Worker is to help maintain a clients well being and independence in their own home and in the community. They do this by providing a range of care and support services such as personal care, help with mobility, transport, domestic duties or just someone to talk to.  A client may include people with disabilities, the elderly or someone with special needs.

Support Worker cooking

They say you are only as old as you feel. This is true. Age is just a number, so taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do in your senior years to maintain your independence.

Everyone's situation is different so it pays to give careful consideration to yours and plan appropriately. Do you live alone?  With a spouse that needs help?  Maybe you are OK now but will need assistance in the near future.

Senior walking on the beach

Are you looking for some ideas for a fresh start to 2019? Here is a few simple tips that will help you on your way to a better year!

Exercise every day - Staying active is an important step toward healthy ageing. If your just starting out, give yourself 10 minutes of exercise a day. It can be as simple as a walk or gentle stretching or a swim. As it becomes easier you can increase the amount of time per week you exercise. In the long term, exercise may prolong your independence and delay disability. Here is an article from the Harvard Medical School you might find interesting.

Black Dog team

This Sunday the 'Row for Mental Health' fundraiser event was held at Crossfit Minerva in Tuggerah. The event was a great success with 65 athletes in teams of 4 row a marathon (42.195km) to raise money for the Black Dog Institute and raise awareness of mental health. All teams finished the marathon in an average time of around 3.5 hours with the winning team,


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which was launched at 4 trial sites in 2013 which included Accuro Home Care as part of the Hunter Region, has now grown to provide services for 100 000 people across NSW. Of these 100 000, 31 000 were not receiving government support before the NDIS. For many, this is the first time they have had some control over their support services. For most, it allows them to stay at home longer, be healthier for longer and maintain their dignity for longer.